We strive to breed for future show dogs, at the same time we try to improve the breed by carefully planning out each breeding. However, even breeding two champions together are not necessarily going to produce show dogs or future champions. There are are pet puppies in each litter. They are good quality but may lack in an important area to be a show dog.

When buying a puppy from a quality breeder, you are assured of getting a healthy, happy family member. As breeders we are concerned about finding the perfect home for each of our puppies. It doesn't matter if they are show puppies or not. We are concerned about the welfare the dog. Show dogs are only show dogs for a short while, then they are at home enjoying being someone's beloved pet. That's why it is important that each dogs personality is matched correctly with its family.

Pet owners, when looking for your next puppy. Please have questions ready to ask the breeder. All to often, you forget every question you ever thought of when you see that puppy's adorable face. Ask to see the parents and what health testing has been done. Check to see if the puppies are in a clean, safe environment. Ask what kind of food they feed. I know you want your puppy to have a good start in life so make you want them to eat a good quality food from the beginning. Go see different litters and talk to several breeders before buying a puppy.  You might find out that a Boxer puppy is not the right choice for your family dog.

We do have show and pet puppies available occasionally. We evaluate our puppies at 8 weeks of age. At this time we will decide which puppy we will keep and which will be sold to show or pet homes. All of our pet puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract with limited registration. Our Boxers are only sold as house dogs and we  require fenced yards.



We are expecting puppies Due in Oct 2016

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